Club Rules

Code of Conduct

Everyone who comes to our events, regardless of personal background, age, gender, financial means, etc., deserves to race in a safe environment. We will not tolerate behavior that puts other people, our property or our relationships with our lessors at risk. Seek out a board member if you feel uncomfortable or that you are being harassed in any way and we will handle the situation accordingly. You will be subject to club disciplinary action (see below) if you behave in a physically or verbally abusive manner towards anyone at our events.

The following rules apply to all club events. By registering for an event you are agreeing to conduct yourself in accordance to these rules as well as any venue specific rules.


  1. Register to race ASAP to allow sufficient time for the race director to enter your name into the computer.
  2. No foul language is allowed. Doing so will result in being asked to leave. This is a family sport and that type of language is not necessary.
  3. Alcohol is prohibited during racing.

Corner Marshalling

  1. Every driver must corner marshal after their race. Return to the track immediately. Absolutely no repairs are allowed at this time. A qualified substitute is allowed provided no complaints arise due to the substitution.
  2. Corner marshals are not allowed to work on cars or leave their corner to deliver a car to a pit person for repairs.
  3. Corner marshals must pay attention to their assigned corners to ensure a prompt return of vehicles to their proper location on the track.


  1. It is every driver’s responsibility to stay until the end of racing to assist in marshalling and with track clean up. We must all do our part to keep our track clean. We are on borrowed land and the owners will not tolerate a messy site.
  2. Drivers must remain on the drivers stand until the end of their race (nitro drivers are exempt due to flame-outs).
  3. Drivers are not allowed to marshal their own cars during the race. Doing so will risk disqualification.
  4. ALL drivers must be willing to help out in what ever way is deemed necessary to keep the race program moving forward in an timely fashion.
  5. Drivers may choose their position on the drivers stand for the mains based on their qualifying position.
  6. If an inadvertent cutting of a lap occurs, the driver must wait to resume the same position held prior to the infraction. Failure to wait could result in a 10 second penalty for a qualifier or a 1-lap penalty for a main.
  7. Verbal abuse of corner marshals will NOT be tolerated! Repeated offense to this rule will risk disqualification from the race.

Venue Specfic Rules

Penalties for Violations

Verbal Altercation

  • 1st offense - warning
  • 2nd offense - 2 week suspension
  • 3rd offense - 1 month suspension

Physical Altercation

  • 1st offense - 1 month suspension
  • 2nd offense - 1 year suspension
  • 3rd offense - lifetime ban