On-Road Class Rules

(Updated 12/16/2022)


  • In the event there are weights found on the track at the end of a heat/main race ALL cars will be weighed in. determination will be made at that time by the Club Officers on whether there will be a penalty for the lost weight.
  • All 1s Li-Po batteries will have a maximum charge of 4.2 volts
  • All 2s Li-Po batteries will have a maximum charge of 8.4 volts
  • SXT is the ONLY traction compound allowed

USGT12 (Formerly 1/12 LSRCC Prolite)

1/12 Stock (17.5)

  • Motor: ROAR Approved 17.5 brushless motor only
  • ESC: ROAR Approved speed control in blinky mode
  • Battery: ROAR approved 1s Li-Po battery
  • Body: Industry Standard GTP style body
  • Tires: Must use Spec Striped tires
  • Minimum Weight: 730 grams
  • Minimum Ride Height: 3mm

25.5 Touring Car

  • Chassis: Any 1/10 Electric Touring Car Chassis meeting ROAR T-2 TC Specifications
  • Minimum Weight: 1320 Grams
  • Minimum Ride Height: 5MM
  • Motor: Any ROAR Approved 25.5T Brushless Motor
  • ESC: Any ROAR Approved ESC in “Blinky” mode
  • Battery: Any ROAR Approved Hardcase 2S Lipo Battery
  • Body: Must be on current ROAR approved body list – T2 Touring (190MM)
  • Tire: Gravity RC G-Spec Type C Pre-Glued TC Tires Only (GRC132)

World GT-R (17.5)

  • Motor: ROAR Approved 17.5 brushless motor only
  • ESC: ROAR Approved speed control in blinky mode
  • Battery: ROAR approved 1s Li-Po battery
  • Body: Industry Standard World GT-R Approved body
  • Minimum Weight: 1025 grams
  • Minimum Ride Height: Height 5mm


  • Chassis: Open
  • Motor: 17.5T motor limit or stock electronics
  • Battery: 2s Li-Po battery maximum
  • Tires: No spiked or pin tires allowed
  • Points Series: Points will be awarded only to novice drivers 18 years old and younger

1/10 Off-road

  • Chassis: 2wd only
  • Motor: 17.5T Motor max
  • ESC: ESC must be in blinky mode
  • Battery: 2s Li-Po battery max
  • Tires: No spiked or pin tires allowed, rubber tires only
  • Other: Shock towers MUST be covered

Euro Truck


  • Tamyia TT-01 based Euro Semi Truck kits only.
  • The kit must be built exactly as shown in the manual.
  • No modifications of the chassis or any other kit parts allowed.
  • Adding FOAM material to the kit bumper is allowed
  • Plastic bearings may be upgraded to is ball bearings.
  • All kit screws must be used. Screws may not be omitted to change the handling the truck.
  • You must run all the kit parts including (but not limited to) the servo saver, springs, steering links, etc.
  • Racers may use grease in the differentials. However, grease must not leak out of the vehicle.
  • Differentials must work and cannot be "locked" mechanically or with putty or similar materials


Electronic Speed Control (ESC)

  • Must use kit supplied ESC.
  • Reverse must be disabled in the ESC


  • Any stick-pack type, hard round case 2S LiPo hardcase battery, Examples:
  • Max capacity of 6,000mAh 
  • The battery connector may be replaced with Dean's style or XT60 connector
  • Chassis may not be modified to fit the battery
  • Kit supplied battery strap must be used


  • Tamiya Euro Truck bodies only (including the "Fat Fox")!
  • The full body must be used. Body may not be modified to lower center of gravity or reduce weight.


  • Tires: Must use kit supplied tires and wheels. (May use rear or front wheels/tires all the way around)
  • Tires may be glued on the sidewalls ONLY. No glue may be applied to the treads.


  • Any servo and receiver may be used.

Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0 Spec

  • Chassis: Stock Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0, Kit supplied battery strap MUST be used
  • Motor: Stock Traxxas Titan 12T Brushed Motor
  • ESC: Stock Traxxas XL-5, Reverse MUST be disabled in the ESC
  • Battery: Hardcase 2S LiPo
  • Gearing: Stock 70/21 only
  • Tires: Stock Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0 Response Pre-Mounted Tires (TRA8375) or Gravity RC USGT pre-mounted non-belted tires only (GRC124GTW or GRC124GTB); no other combination of tire/wheel is allowed
  • Body: VTA or USGT body closely modeled after a production car (e.g. P1-Z and Bwoah bodies are not allowed)
  • Radio/Receiver: Open

Allowed Modifications

Modifications are non-typical changes to the stock chassis made for racing purposes. Allowed modifications are limited to:

  • The large radio box may be removed
  • The stock servo may be replaced/upgraded
  • The stock servo saver may be changed
  • The stock battery connector may be replaced with one of your choosing
  • The motor may be directly wired to the ESC (removal of the bullet connectors)

Allowed Tuning

Tuning means making changes that are typical for racing R/C. Allowed tuning activities are limited to:

  • Changing the shock fluid
  • Changing the diff fluid
  • Applying traction compound to the tires
  • Adjusting the droop by adding M4 x 4 set screws to the stock holes
  • Replacing the stock springs with Traxxas springs meant specifically for the chassis model
  • Adding a motor fan

Any modification and tuning not specifically listed above is prohibited.