Lake Superior R/C Club's Off-Road Dirt Track

Off-Road Dirt Track


We race on dirt; the way God intended. This off-road dirt track is great for 1/10 and 1/8 scale R/C vehicles. Track conditions can change throughout a race from high-bite hard packed dirt to loamy and loose so you'll want to have a couple sets of tires to try out. From opening it up and running fast on the front straight to the technical turns and rhythm sections you'll love flying over the big jumps and bringing home the R/C glory!

Track Rules

We lease this area from the Proctor Country Fair Grounds. The following rules are in addition to the club rules that are in effect at all club events.

  1. Track is for club member's use only. Become a member today!
  2. Stay off the track if it is too wet (your tires leave marks)
  3. RVs must be powered by your generator; do not plug your RVs into the electric outlets at the track.

More Info: Off-Road Class Rules

Off-Road Season

The Off-Road season will begin with a Test & Tune practice race in early May and continues until the completion of Chill on the Hill in early October.

Start Times

  • Thursday Club Races
    • Drivers Meeting: 5:45pm
    • Racing Start: 6:00pm
  • Saturday Races
    • Drivers Meeting: 9:45am
    • Racing Start: 10:00am
  • Note: Time may vary by event. Check the Off-Road Schedule to verify start time.

Race Fees

  • Adults: $15/$5/$5
  • Youth: $10/$5/$5
  • The first race is FREE for new Novice class drivers.
  • Club members get a discount of $5 off Thursday Club Race fees. Join the Club today!


The following amenities are provided at the track:

  1. Electricity for charging batteries
  2. Outhouse
  3. Covered drivers stand
  4. Bleachers
  5. Lighted Track
  6. Air Compressor
  7. Space for camping

RV Camping

  • Generator - Our electrical service is not sufficient to power RVs or personal air compressors; the breakers will trip and cause other racers' batteries not to charge.
  • Water - We do not have a source of potable water on site.


Proctor County Fair Grounds, Lake Superior RC Car Club, 800 N Boundary Ave, Duluth, MN 55810